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MIMA is committed to be a Research and Innovation Driven higher education institution.

India is poised to become a global knowledge superpower through education, research and innovation.

We support collaborative and multidisciplinary research in various domains. Business,technology and innovation is often at the core of our research activities.

Rapid growth in scientific knowledge is an indication of quest for discovery and has an impact on economic and societal development. To attain this goal, it is necessary to pursue cutting-edge research in all domains in a transparent, responsible and ethical manner for advancement of knowledge and development of novel processes, technologies and products.

Research and developmental activities creates and disseminates new knowledge in multiple domains, promotes innovation and these will motivate better learning and teaching among faculties and students of our institution as these are often incorporated in the courses. Research is the foundation of knowledge that brings new energy, builds state of the art facilities, promotes research publications, develops collaborations and becomes part of active community that shares the mission objectives.

The Focal Areas of Research in the Institute, currently are :

* Market and Financial Research due to pandemic impact
* Best HR Practices post pandemic
* Agri-Business Management
* Current Trends In Pharmaceutical Industry
* FMCG and SMEs

It is equally important to ensure that the products and outcomes of such research are appropriately disseminated to reach the widest possible audience at both national and global levels through national and international conferences.

Our multidisciplinary initiatives bring together researchers across diverse disciplines to create thought leadership, delivering research excellence and education opportunities in established and developing areas of core competencies.

While addressing the immediate concerns of the corporate world, the research at the Institute also focuses on anticipating the future needs and requirements of the market.