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MIMA TL-COE will help Higher education teaching community to become an effective teacher. It will support the higher education mission of the country by developing teaching proficiency to make the higher educational program more meaningful and socially relevant.

MIMA TL-COE will support the professional development of our faculty—full-time and part-time— throughout all stages of their academic career with a variety of programs, services and resources, which leads to meaningful student learning experiences.

MIMA TL-COE deliverables comprises the course and best practices globally about

MIMA TL-COE assume importance in the context of learner centered approaches, ICT integrated learning and recent researches in new pedagogic approaches to teaching and learning in higher education. With this assumption our offerings:

  • Providing opportunities to develop and refine foundational teaching skills through workshops, seminars, and individual consultations;
  • Consulting with educators as they adopt and evaluate new teaching practices as part of their continuing professional development;
  • Fostering campus conversations on teaching and learning that are informed by national and international higher education developments, as well as local issues and priorities; and
  • Identifying, sharing, and advocating for research-based practices in higher education teaching and the resources that support them.

MIMA TL-COE offerings are available to any members of the higher education community interested in developing their teaching practices.