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MIMA Design Thinking –center of excellence will cultivate the mindset of human centric thinking for innovation and problem solving skills.

MIMA Design Thinking- Center of Excellence will do Engagements across the sectors for generating values as a leading Design Thinking solution expert with an integrated approach through case development center and other MIMA Center of excellences. By research we can expect the core approach of human-centered design plus the reframing of business issues into opportunities for new business or strategic renewal to increase, and so MIMA Design thinking COE wants to give edge to our students by making them Design Thinker., who can connect Business, Technology and Operations of any organization uniquely by traversing  from mystery through heuristic, to algorithm and engineer solutions that drive unprecedented value and making a joyous collaborative experience.  

design thinking

MIMA Design Thinking COE catalyze design mind, design space, design framework, design process for:

  • Corporate Leaders & Teams: Connecting dots with their stakeholders.
  • Start-ups & Entrepreneurs: Connecting dots with new market segments.
  • Academics: Connecting dots with students and move from teaching to facilitating learning.
  • Government Officials Connecting dots with the policies to prioritize between conflicting stakeholder’s demand.

Social Innovator: Connecting dots and understanding what makes the defining last x% addition for them as a leader in their segment.