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MIMA Case development center will prepare the Business Case Catalogue. Business cases developed and written by the Case Development Centre (CDC) at MIMA will be used as teaching aids by businesses and by management schools worldwide. The Center will develop business cases by working closely with academia and businesses. The cases bring first-hand knowledge of business practices to management education as well as other businesses, and are an effective way of communicating management theory to business practitioners. They will be publishing through reputable outlets such as The Case Centre  and Ivey Publishing, as well as popular media channels such as The Financial Times. We could connect world-class research, education, and business by developing high quality case studies.

 MIMA CDC’s academics and practitioners work with a wide variety of businesses to produce case studies.

Uses Include

  • Case –based teaching –learning.
  • Internal training or promotional purposes using the businesses’ own case study or white paper;
  • Demonstrating business expertise or leadership;
  1. Enhance reputations throughout academic and business communities; Enlarging public awareness of services, research or products;
  2. Developing case-writing skills in the business community as well as Management education fraternity.

Service MIMA CDC Offers

  • Case Writing
  • Guidance Case Writing
  • Case Workshops.