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Dr. Manoj Meghrajani

Deputy Director,
PGDM Business Administration

At MIMA, we believe that understanding business environment and its relationship with functional areas is essential for effective decision making.

PGDM Business Administration program provides the students basic understanding of core disciplines of management i.e. economics, psychology and in-depth understanding of functional areas viz Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management besides upcoming opportunities in Data Sciences, Business Analytics etc.

It emphasizes on developing analytical skills, decision making ability, communication, leadership and teamwork, which are essential for a successful career in corporate world.

Our threefold thrust is on preparing students to understand, analyse and respond effectively to the uncertainty and complexity in organizational life amidst rapid changes and turbulence.

Indian industries offer numerous opportunities to managers with multidimensional skills to take on the challenges.

PGDM Business Administration @ MIMA

  • MIMA has a unique program that shapes professionals to work in the field of General Management.
  • The curriculum focuses on general management skills to build, train & enhance managerial capacity for increased effectiveness.
  • The syllabus comprises of components of general management, specialization topics and elective specializations in domains such as digital marketing, supply chain management, data sciences.
  • The program offers additional certifications in Banking and Finance, Data Sciences along with proposed certification programs in SAP.
  • The signature Brand ‘U’ program aims at holistic development of students through presentations, group discussions, mock interviews, role plays and case studies. MIMA offers strong industry connect through internships, industry visits and workshops by industry experts.

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