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Brand 'U' Personality Development Program (PDP)

If one pays heed to the way global economy has evolved, the transition is evident. The industry requirement has graduated from ‘technical’ to ‘techno-commercial’ to ‘techno-commercial managers’ and the experts opine that future belongs to ‘techno-commercial managerial leaders’.

Well realizing the said fact and to do justice to the investment (monetary and time) by the students, MIMA has diligently crafted its flagship signature program : Brand ‘U’.

Appreciating the dictum that no two humans are alike, we at MIMA not only work on student’s developmental areas but also further nourish their strengths.

The students being subjected to various scanners (including psychometric tests), identifying the ingrained traits (physical, mental, personality and behavioural), assessing the results through proven scientific methods, forming common interest groups. framing and imparting dedicated mentorship program thus putting in perspective and practice ‘what ought to be’.

When it comes to transforming the students to be ‘Corporate ready’, seldom one can come across the employability program like Brand ‘U’.

MIMA in association with Ecole Solitaire conducts a finishing school program delivered by Mr Minocher Patel, India’s leading motivational speaker, corporate trainer, leadership & image coach and best selling author of the book ‘Ordinary to Extraordinary’.